Thursday, December 06, 2012

Retiring This Blog

After 6 years of bringing you small businesses Internet marketing tips and the latest small business trends, I'm officially retiring this blog.

Many of you have been faithful readers for years, and for that, I thank you. 

It's time to move my efforts into other areas of my business. I will still occasionally share tips with those of you who are on my email list. And I will continue to share my tips on Facebook. If you'd like to stay in the loop and continue to get tips, LIKE my Internet Marketing page here:

To see the other things I'm up to these days, and to stay up on what I'm doing next :-), visit my main Web site:
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Thanks again for your readership and for sharing it with your associates.

Happy Holidays and Buon Natale!
Ciao, Paula

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2 Quick Marketing Tactics

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Small Biz Marketing Tips

 These tips are excerpted from a recent article in Web Marketing Today. I find that many of my small business clients don't do them at all or don't do them consistently.
  1. Get Email Addresses - give something small in return for a customer sharing their email address with you people. People get lots of emails and many won't give out  their email address unless they feel they will get something of value in return.
  2. Ask for Reviews - testimonials had a part in the marketing role. Today they take on the form of online reviews. Ask for reviews by email, newsletter, your Website, your social media platform, or by a printed sign at your place of business.
Here are some other often overlooked tactics you might try --
  • Put links in your email signature to your Web address and any social sharing sites like LinkedIn, Facebook or  Google+.
  •  If you have a storefront, put a sign with your Web address near the checkout.
  • Many people have smartphones with them at all times. Place QR codes in your place of business with links to special offers, your Website or social sharing site(s). Create QR Codes free here.
  • First impressions count on the phone or in person. Make sure all employees know where you are on the Web and how to encourage sign-ups to your mailing list, etc.
  • Offline achievements add a trust factor. Don't be shy about letting your customers know about honors or awards by displaying them in store and online.
  • Probably the most important -- provide consistent information across all platforms.

Monday, September 24, 2012

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook

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This, also from the blog archives of AWeber, provides instruction for how to schedule your posts to Facebook. Finally!

I know many of you have been using 3rd party apps for this, like TweetDeck or HootSuite, and they still work great. Now Facebook has added scheduling and targeting to Page's functionality.

Read the full blog post at AWeber for a quick, visual walk-through of how to do this so you can work smarter, not harder. :-)

Ciao for now,

Friday, September 21, 2012

Holiday Email Marketing

Holiday Email Marketing
2011 in Review 
(This is part of an email opt-in series. See graphic in detail and 
get the rest of the Holiday Email Marketing tips from AWeber)

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Data and infographic by AWeber Email Marketing

Create More Email Leads

In a recent blog post, AWeber gives us 5 ways startups (or any biz) can create more email leads.

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1) Integrate email into your offering
2) Provide informative resources to your readers
3) Promote your resources
4) Invite a guest to post to your blog
5) Use your blog real estate wisely

Get the details for each point above by reading the full article here.